About Us
Pompous Trading is a division of the Pompous family. Focused on the international commodities trade, Pompous trading uses investors' capital to fuel its trading activities in Africa and Asia. With its firm commitment to exporting value, Pompous Trading has grown throughout the years to become one of the major players on the world commodities market. With staff having years of experience in their respective fields, our commitment is to export value to all our customers and to become a trusted partner for them, an engine that helps drive their growth.
Our Reach
The sky is the limit
Throughout the years we have worked on expanding our international reach by establishing direct subsidiaries in a multitude of countries and by carving out a web of strategic partnerships that allow us to serve our clients internationally offering them a broad spectrum of commodities from all over the world. We've vastly expanded our international reach and have established a presence in the following countries : In Africa: Nigeria Benin Burkina Faso Ivory Coast Guinea Bissau. Tanzania. Sudan. In Asia: India Vietnam Indonesia.
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