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Where we are Invested
Equity Market. From Asia to the U.S, as a global macro fund, we scour the world equity market looking for the best investments and for the best short term trades. Well placed investments in solid dividend yielding stocks coupled with strategic positions in carefully selected growth stocks while staying globally diversified is an approach we find best suited for long term prosperity. Fixed Income Market As a way of mitigating our risk exposure and diversifying our portfolio, we take advantage of the opportunities presented by the ever moving fixed income market, our exposure to this market is limited to ETF positions . Foreign exchange As foreign exchange policies are molded to fit the requirements of the economy, a good reading of these policies and a subsequent strategic positioning allows for substantial returns on our portfolio of investments . International Trade. Away from the traditional investment strategies, we are unique in offering our clients a way to make bigger returns on their investments in a safer and original way. As major players on the physical world commodity market, we invest our clients' assets in our international trading transactions to assure them maximum profitability.
Who we are
As a global macro fund, the onus of scouring the international headlines falls on our team of dedicated professionals. Operating from 3 continents, we are on constant lookout for potential market movers across the globe, analyzing the news and digesting it to make sure we have a correct understanding of the regional or world market trend. This thorough analysis allows us to take educated decisions in our position taking. Taking a macro approach allows us to diversify our portfolio and hedge our risk against the potential regional market volatility . Join our team
A lifetime of opportunity could be an action away... As part of our expansion strategy, we are constantly on the lookout for new recruits to join the Pompous family. If you're a highly motivated enthusiast who's passionate about his field of work and are looking to find your way into the world of trade and finance, we would love to meet you . Positions available: -Accountant -Trader -Business Development Manager -International representative/Sales agent -Financial Analyst Those interested are to contact us via email at :
What we do
Invest with us "Put not trust in your money, but your money in Trust" With investment programs tailored to suit each investor's risk appetite, Pompous Investments' asset management division offers clients the chance to preserve and grow their wealth at their preferred pace with regards to ROI and risk exposure.
Consulting "Though markets may change, good investing advice is timeless" With a team of professional investment advisors scattered across all corners of the globe , your investment advice is always a phone call away. Our services include among other things corporate finance solutions.
Attend one of our Seminars: "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. -" Benjamin Franklin" As part of our commitment to spreading knowledge to all those who need it and a firm belief that a blue chip service is the right of every investor. We offer our investors and clients every so often the chance to attend one of our investment seminars which are organized periodically in Europe and the Middle East
Pompous Investments is in the business of wealth creation, we not only manage wealth, but work on creating it in an effort to make sure that inflation never gets the best of our clients' assets. Money sitting in a bank depreciates over time specially now at a time where interest rates at historic lows, whereas money that's been wisely invested appreciates in value and that connotes for long term financial security. It would pay dividend for every man to wisely invest his assets so as to assure his perpetual financial security. Though not everyone has the time and resources to fend off imminent financial crises that ever so often hover over an economy. At Pompous Investments, we believe in every investor's right to be financially protected, hence why we offer investors the tools that allow for such protection, be it through direct portfolio management or through lending the correct financial advice that allow for our clients to take the proper educated financial decisions.
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